minimalist outdoor gym 

Timeless design and aesthetic appeal are not normally words associated with exercise equipment. Yet, when looking at the Kebne, a minimalist outdoor gym, it’s hard to see this structure as anything other than art.


Movable Furniture Inspired by hand trucks

Tired of lugging your sofa up ten flights of stairs every time you move? Say hello to a versatile and movable line of furniture your back will thank you for. 


pastry-inspired furniture

Ukranian design firm StudioPINE has created CAKE, a decadent line of furniture inspired by the shape and texture of cakes and pastries. 


Satellite swivel Chair By Richard Hutten 

In response to the changing dynamic of workspaces, which now revolve around a screen rather than a desk, internationally renowned Dutch designer Richard Hutten has created satellite, a swivel chair suitable for open-concept work environments.


Mia Melon outerwear 

Mia Melon, a Canadian-based company specializing in weatherproof outdoor jackets, combines runway glamour with the protection and resiliency of hiking apparel.